BeNat Bamboo Constructed Comb



Our zero-waste, eco-friendly, bamboo comb is great for all hair types. It massages your scalp, untangles knots, and maintaining your hair's natural condition. It prevents bruising and damages as it goes soft on your scalp, avoiding static electricity. This type of wooden combs is believed to help hair grow by improving blood flow to the scalp, strengthening the hair follicles by getting optimum nutrients.


  • A great new addition to your zero-waste, eco-friendly products collection
  • Helps condition your hair while massaging your scalp, it glides gently through your hair
  • Soft on hair, prevent bruising or scraping your scalp, detangles knots, and prevents the formation of static electricity
  • It is widely believed to encourage hair growth, prevents hair loss and hair breakage by improving the blood flow to your scalp which helps the hair follicles get optimum nutrients

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