5 Piece 100% Natural Bamboo Kitchen Utensils Tea Spoon Set



Natural and Healthy rest easy knowing that these Bamboo Spoons are completely BPA free and have no added chemicals. Feel good knowing that they are completely natural, and healthy. 


  • Hand Crafted Bamboo - Not only is Bamboo harvested and replenished with no environmental impact on the Earth, but the material also has a higher tensile strength than steel. Our Bamboo Spoons have each been hand-crafted individually, using only 100% premium bamboo.
  • Convenient Size - The 5 inch (13cm) long with the 0.75 inches (2cm) wide head and 0.2 inches (0.5cm) thickness is perfect for fitting into those tight crannies in jars that other spoons can’t get to. This size along with a beautiful smooth texture makes our Bamboo Spoons the best utensils for your kitchen.
  • Perfect for multiple uses around your kitchen. Multiple spoons mean convenience and ease for whenever you need it.

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