IOMI Extra Wide Non Binding Bamboo Diabetic Unisex Socks

Size: 4-7 UK
Colour: Black


Extra Wide Non-Binding Leg, Comfortable Cushion Foot and Smooth Toe Seams. IOMI foot nurse is a brand dedicated to increasing comfort & aiding in reducing ailments in your feet.


  • Carefully Moulds to the natural contours of your leg, with an easy stretch, these IOMI bamboo diabetic socks will leave no nasty constriction rings.
  • The top stretches all the way down to the top of your ankle, so perfect diabetic socks for those that suffer from swollen legs & edema.
  • Reduces irritation on the tip of your toes, a rough toe seam would potentially damage the feet of a diabetic, this toe smooth seam will do no such thing, it will make it seem a pleasure to wear these socks.
  • Bamboo as a fiber is luxuriously soft thanks to its natural properties and is far superior to cotton.
  • Bamboo also wicks moisture away from the foot naturally. Organic cotton is woven with bamboo for added comfort.

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