Magneto 46" x 9" Bamboo & Fiberglass Longboard



High-quality bamboo 46" x 9" deck. The 3 plies of bamboo give the deck great flexibility while the fiberglass reinforces the deck to add strength and durability.


  • This board features dual kick tails, perfect for shove-its, manuals, and flip tricks, and a subtly arched camber which adds to the lively feel of the board when dancing.
  • The shallow concave makes it a great platform to dance and cruise. Top-mounted Paris style trucks give the board a larger platform for riders to dance on.
  • The trucks have a 7-inch hanger and kingpin angle of 50 degrees and bushings that are SHR (medium stiffness) to add stability.
  • 70mm Shore 78A wheels mean your board is designed from the ground up for an ideal dancing experience. These soft wheels allow for a smooth ride on a variety of different surfaces.

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