Mind Reader 16.5" x 23.5" Anti-Slip Bamboo Bath Shower Mat



Skip the traditional bathroom rugs and mats sets and dry your feet on elegant and hygienic 100% bamboo! The MIND READER Bamboo Bath Mat will add elegance and a spa-like feel anywhere in your home. This mat is perfect for the bathroom, the shower, by the bathtub, the kitchen and much more. It’s also great outdoors by swimming pools, outdoor showers, saunas, entryways and other locations. This bath mat is more hygienic than the usual bath rugs. 100% bamboo resists mildew, mold, and fungi build-up. It’s also a more environmentally-friendly choice.


  • ECO-FRIENDLY AND DURABLE: Made of 100% Bamboo. Imported. Rayon from Bamboo.
  • NON-SLIP: Safety first! These bamboo bathroom rugs have a non-slip rubber feature on the back to keep you safe.
  • MILDEW RESISTANT: These bamboo bath rugs are better for your health than traditional bathroom rugs. The MIND Reader Bamboo Bath Mat prevents mold, mildew, and fungi build-up.
  • FAST DRYING DESIGN: This drying mat has a vented design to provide better airflow to your feet.
  • DECORATIVE: Add a touch of nature and luxury just about anywhere with this bamboo mat.

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