Natural Bamboo & Stainless Steel Thermal Insulated Tumbler



This isn't just a water bottle, it's also a coffee tumbler for women, for men or for a friend. The stainless steel interior retains your hot coffee's heat for up to 12 hours - exactly what you need to stay energized and focused all day.


  • Keep Your drinks hot or icy cold: While normal tumbler setups simply create an air-barrier between the exterior and interior core, we create a vortex of temperature controlled circulation to keep watch drink chilled or hot perfectly
  • Unique, elegant, stylish, sleek, gorgeous looking bamboo bottles appealing to your hand or on top of your desk.
  • This will be your next prerequisite for a fashion statement. Used outdoor or indoor this tumbler works perfectly and adapt to any environment.
  • Eco friendly, non-toxic, BPA- free, We love everything natural and drinking fresh natural water should be one of them.

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