Bamboo Fabric Low Cut Ankle Trainer Unisex Socks

Size: 4-8 UK
Colour: Black


Sneaker trainer socks are a great way to keep your feet cool during the very warm summer months or when you are running or playing sport. These finely knit bamboo socks are a great choice if you want a luxury trainer sock to go with your summer outfit.


  • Bamboo as a fiber is luxuriously soft thanks to its natural properties and is far superior to cotton. Bamboo also wicks moisture away from the foot naturally.
  • If you are sweating a lot because you are playing sports or the weather is scorching hot then you will find that your feet will sweat much less than if you were wearing normal cotton trainer socks.
  • 80% Bamboo, 19% Polyamide, 1% Elastane Sock Snob men's bamboo short low cut socks are not just handy & breathable but also super soft with their high bamboo content.
  • Their short ankle appearance will allow air to circulate freely to your feet.

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